Calcit is an interpreter inspired by Clojure, Cirru and webpack HMR.
calcit-runner is an interpreter for loading snapshot file and evaluate program. It's inspired mostly by ClojureScript with Lisp macros and immutable data. And calcit-js is its js-emitting mode for plan javascript in ES import format.
Current goal for calcit-runner is to offer a scripting solution for simple tasks and drawing some patterns with help of Cairo APIs.
Calcit was a project compiling Cirru to Clojure(Script), and calcit-runner makes it possible to interpret the snapshot file directly, without compiling to another language. The interpreter is not experimental, with several useful tools from my old works. You can take it as a toy scripting language like Clojure, but implemented with a special editor, which is calcit-editor.
Updates can be followed on Twitter @cirrulang. Visit Calcit Runner for details. Pre-built binaries for Linux can be found on and you can also compile code by yourself to try it.
Also see Cirru Project for higher goals of auto-layout code editor.
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